Fastnet Area Beekeepers Association (FABKA) is based in Skibbereen on the beautiful Mizen peninsula in West Cork, Ireland.

Fastnet Area Beekeepers Association

We’re based in Skibbereen, West Cork, and welcome all people who are (or want to be) beekeepers and keep bees happy and healthy for the sheer social enjoyment of it — not to mention a few jars of honey to boot!

Beekeeping needs time, effort, investment and knowledge to be successful in the longer term. We provide you with training from zero to advanced through our educational and practical courses. You will be given free advice on many day-to-day issues that are likely to crop up along your learning way.

Fastnet Area Beekeepers Association is completely non-profit and everyone involved works on a voluntary basis. Any money raised from membership fees goes right back into the association to fund group equipment, the association apiary, speaker fees, workshops and the like. We gather regularly to further our collective knowledge of the wonderful honey bee and find ways to fund things we need to get done.

Left to right: FIBKA Munster Rep. Gus McCoy, FABKA chair Mairead Love, FIBKA president Paul O’Brien, FABKA Treasurer Mary Downey, FABKA Secretary Michael Love.

We are affiliated with the Federation of Irish Bee Keepers (FIBKA), the oldest federation in Ireland.

Management Committee

  • Chairman: Mairead Love
  • Secretary: Michael Love
  • Treasurer: Mary Downey
  • Webmaster: Katie West