FIBKA Preliminary Exam Fee


Fee payment for Fastnet Area BKA members wishing to take the FIBKA Preliminary Exam.



We are pleased to announce that FIBKA (Federation of Irish Beekeepers Associations) is offering our association members a chance to take the written section of the FIBKA Preliminary Exam online. Final certification also requires a hands-on, practical exam under the supervision of a FIBKA witness, and we hope to facilitate a date for this after you’ve all had a chance to attend a hands-on session with us.

FIBKA’s fee for the exam is €25.


  • All candidates will access the online examination through the link provided on the agreed date and time using your Name and Membership Number to log in and complete the exam.
  • The examination will be 20 questions from a number of multiple-choice tick box answers and or pictorials for each question.
  • The duration of the exam is 30 minutes

Please note: Candidates should not try to access the exam in advance as there is an online virtual room opened only for the date, time and duration of the exam.

The results of the online examination will be retained by FIBKA until Government guidelines allow for outdoor gatherings of Associations for the Practical assessment to be completed. Once the Practical is done and results submitted to FIBKA a certificate will be issued to all successful candidates who have passed through their Association.

FIBKA Preliminary Exam Fee